Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Do have a bad clog in your sewer line and are considering replacing it?
In the past that would mean ripping up your yard to dig the pipe out and replace it. Most plumbing companies only use this system to replace your sewer line, but not at Economy Rooter Plumbing. We do both traditional “dig” sewer replacements and when it makes more sense we can also do trenchless sewer replacements.

What is a trenchless sewer replacement?
It’s exactly what it sounds like, we won’t need to dig your old piping out. We can use the current tunnel the pipe sits in, to replace it with new piping. All while keeping your home and landscaping relatively undisturbed.

More often we use a system called Pipe Bursting, essentially a trenchless sewer placement uses a hydraulic head that pushes out and destroys the existing pipe while pulling your new pipe behind it. You use the same tunnel that exists around your current damaged pipe to create space for your new piping.
Pipe bursting trenchless sewer replacement

What does Trenchless Sewer Replacement mean to you?

  • Saves your landscaping– No more tearing up your yard, driveway or porch
  • Saves you money– Trenchless sewer replacement can save you money, especially if you have landscaping or flooring that may need to be replaced with a traditional sewer line replacement
  • Saves you time– Putting your yard back together can take a lot of time and effort on a traditional sewer line replacement

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