Pipe Repair Service

Having a leaky pipe in your home or business needs immediate attention. Even a simple leak can cause a great amount of damage to the structure, as well as become a breeding ground for harmful mold and mildew.

Detecting Leaky Pipes

It is often difficult to detect a leaking pipe. There are a number of things that you can look for that should make you call Economy Rooter Plumbing. Those things to look for are:
Increased Water Bills
A Cold Spot on the Floors or Walls
Water Stains on Walls
Excessive Moisture Around the Foundation of Your Home or Small Business
Mold and Mildew Building Up in Areas Where it Should Not Normally Be

The professional plumbers at Economy Rooter Plumbing are trained and use the latest technologies in order to locate leaks to make the proper repairs. No matter where the leak is, we will find it, including inside walls and slab leaks.

Many older homes and businesses in the San Francisco Bay area  have pipes that may not be providing the proper water service. They may also be in danger of breaking down and causing serious issues. Economy Rooter Plumbing offers whole house repiping services that will ensure that your home or small business is getting the necessary water where it is needed, as well as provide you with the comfort that new water pipes have.

No matter if you need an additional water line run for the laundry room, a line for a new water feature in the backyard, or a complete repiping, the professionals at Economy Rooter Plumbing will be more than glad to stop by and provide you with a quote.

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